About me

Renée van den Berg

My story

Born in 1987 and raised almost my whole life in a small village, called Hei-en Boeicop. We lived in an old farm with a large kitchen garden, some sheep and chicken. A nice and quite life within a warm family.

In 2005 I moved to Eindhoven, to study Industrial Design. I had aptitude for science subjects and I loved to be creative and making things, so it was a logical choice. Besides technology and making objects I also learned about the world, the influences of products on the world and to observe the world around you. I was able to compare the world in a small village and the world in a city.
I see myself as an observer, I like to look around me. I am curious, curious to behavior and how designs can change behavior. I like to be surprised by people, nature and designs.

I am broadly interested; I am not an explicit specialist, but I like to alternate in design fields & roles. I easily adjust to the subject of the design, but I like to give it my own twist. I am creative and like to explore new things.

This whole package gives a good opportunity to combine the expertise and qualities of different people, to explore and create innovative solutions or designs.


MSc. Industrial Design
Technical University of Eindhoven, NL

BSc. Industrial Design
Technical University of Eindhoven, NL

Design Work Experience

Product Designer
Ministerie van Nieuwe Dingen

Graphic Designer
2010 (assignment)

Trainee Design Consultant

Trainee Designer


  • Interaction design

  • Society and people

  • Creation of experience

  • Exploration

  • Skills

  • (Digital) Drawing

  • Model making

  • User research

  • Scenario creation

  • Visualization

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Arduino

  • Max MSP