From designer to user and back

My goal as designer is to design meaningful product; you design for the user. Therefore I value contact with the user during the design process. However I am still the designer, I need to create a vision and design to find new and innovative products. The design process is an interplay between the creation of a vision and ideas of the designer and the feedback of the user. By having contact with the user you can be inspired and you learn the needs of the user which have influence on your vision. When you have create this vision then you can validate this with the user.
I involve the user in my design process by observing them, create together solutions, interview them or confront them with prototypes.

Make it!

You can think of the greatest and most perfect things of the world, but will it actually work in the real world? By means of quick prototyping I move the ideas out of my head into my hands. Then you can play and explore with it. How do you actually experience it?
This can be done my means of cardboard / wooden models, drawings, scenario images or fully working prototypes. These help me to communicate my ideas.

In circles

The design process is a complicated process. You start with nothing and you finish with an complete concept or product. You have to take millions of aspects into account. You need to develop it step by step.
As a designer I absorb information and analyze it. After I have made it my own, I turn it into a vision/idea, mainly based on intuition. Now I can create it, experiment with it and explore it. This will again give me information and it starts all over again.
I like to make short circles to be are able to reflect on the process and progress.
Reflection and action.