Holland meets Japan

Intercultural markers in design

Project Description

One week workshop

During a week workshop I have experienced cultural differences between the Dutch and the Japanese cooking process. The goal of this week was to define cultural markers and create a design based on these markers.
The first experience was that I cooked a traditional Japanese meal with a Japanese family. By experiencing and discussing the differences I noticed we were able to define some Japanese markers in their cooking methods. Then we tried to incorporate these markers during the cooking process of a Dutch meal.
After these experiences we design a tool based on these cultural markers. So when you would cook with this tool you will include the markers of the Japanese cooking culture in your own (Dutch) cooking behavior. Hospitality is very important in the Japanese culture and we tried to incorporate this in the cooking with the following markers; small sizes, easy to eat with chopsticks, presentation and calmness. We designed a plate and scooping tools to present the typical Dutch stews on a Japanese way.

Prepared Japanese meal

Prepared Dutch meal using Japanese markers

Designed plate and cooking tools to create Japanese/Dutch meal