System Design

Project Description

Six weeks workshop

In a six week class we were invited to design for open systems. With the design of systems you are challenged to design on different levels; system vision level, protocol level and node/product level. This calls for different design methods. The assignment was to develop a system within the socio-cultural context. The idea was that we would bring understanding to social dynamics & relations with our society.

PiM is a visual communication system, as a next step to richer communication in this visual world. We live in a
visual world and we have learned to “read” images and we have the capability to create images with our cameras. However there is very little support in sharing these images intuitively. Therefore we decided to explore the topic visual communication; sharing, reminiscing and distributing of visual media. We encountered topics of ownership, tagging content and explored alternative interfaces. The challenge was to find the boundaries of the system, to be able to present a clear vision. However, the system still needed openness and the ability to grow.

System vision (into the cloud)

Interface design

Use on mobile phone