What's for Dinner

Master Graduation Project

Project Description

Seven months design project

Eating is a part of our every day live. As farmers we used to eat what nature gave us, but the world has changed. In a world of cities, the traditional food production changed into an industrialized system of mass production. This has resulted in a large variety of ingredients from all over the world. However, there is also a down side. Because of its growing ease (convenience food), people loose their knowledge of cooking and ingredients. This development leads also to serious problems for the society, such as a growth in obesity and the impact of processed food on the environment.

With this project I wanted to create a new way of cooking by designing a kitchen tool. This tool challenges the user to experiment and creates awareness to the user in the creation process of a meal. These are the means to create more confidence and enjoyment to the user in their moment of cooking.
The result of the project is the Mix&Taste system of which the Mix&Taste Display is developed into a working prototype. The system supports the user to create a meal. The Display gives suggestions of ingredient combinations based on combinations that are made in existing recipes. The user creates its own recipe.

This design is developed in an iterative design process. Throughout a series of cooking sessions, in which I have cooked with users, I got insights, which helped me to adjust my vision and design to make them more valuable.

Iterative design process with several cooking session with the user

Prototype display